The purpose of this project is to compute simulations of the causal contacts between emiters in the Galaxy.

Project by Marcelo Lares (CONICET, UNC, Argentina)

A python virtual environment is suggested to work with this project. Requirements are listed in the project home directory file: requirements.txt.

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Minimal example

The following lines show how to install and run an example simulation suite. We assume that the package is downloaded in $hearsay_dir and the working directory is $working_dir

  1. Clone hearsay from GitHub

    cd $hearsay_dir
    git clone https://github.com/mlares/hearsay.git
  2. Create a virtual environment for python

    virtualenv -p $(which python3) MyVE
    source MyVE/bin/activate
  3. Install the hearsay package

    cd $hearsay_dir
    pip install .
  4. Create a configuration file. A template can be found in $hearsay_dir/set/experiment.ini

    cd $working_dir
    cp $hearsay_dir/set/experiment.ini $working_dir
  5. Edit the configuration file. Set the following values:

    experiment_ID = run_001
    dir_output = out
    dir_plots = plt
  6. Create directories for output and plots, using the same values than the variables dir_output0 and dir_plots in the configuration file, for example:

    cd $working_dir
    mkdir out
    mkdir plt
  7. create a file experiment.py that contains the following:

conf = hearsay.parser('hearsay_dir/set/experiment.ini')
G = hearsay.C3Net(conf)
net = G.run(interactive=True)
R = hearsay.results(conf)
res = R.redux_1d()

A file with the name entered in the variable plot_fname of the configuration file will be saved in the directory plt.